Monday, August 9, 2010


There are few words we like less. We do not like to wait in line or wait for a computer to boot up. However, there are many times when God asks us to wait.

There are many times in life when we have to wait. We may wait for a job. We may wait for a vacation. We may have to wait for enough down payment for a house. We may be waiting for the right person to marry. We may be waiting for someone we love to come to faith.

Waiting tests our character because we want to do something to resolve the problem or situation. The kind of waiting I am talking about is when we are called to wait upon the Lord. We don't have an answer or a direction. We so easily run out of our answers or solutions. This depletes our strength.

How can we wait on the Lord?
We can stay in prayer.
We can ask our friends to pray for us if we can't pray.
We can look up and focus on God not on ourselves or situation. This is most helpful.
We can “seek the things that are above not the things that are below”.
We can rejoice in our salvation.

We have a future and a hope no matter how fragmented, fragile or stressed things are down here. Waiting exercises our faith. Waiting when we see no next resolution can lead to hopelessness or it can lead to endurance and long suffering in our eternal character.

The fire of the trail will burn off the dross. God is after us and every wait is a time for him to see HOW ARE WE REALLY DOING WHEN THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD. 

Are we burning up? Are we burning out?