Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Working Together Is Not Impossible

It is one thing to read about the city and quite another thing to be in the city for a week, in the midst of a group of Christians from many US cities and beyond focused on changing the areas of the city's under belly.

I was acquainted on other trips with the Michigan Ave Miracle Mile, with hotels, high end stores, and the river. That was all I knew, and it was there in a hotel 13 years ago that I got called to Chicago.

This trip in July 2018, I was at Moody Bible Institute in a different area.

It was an adventure to revisit, living in a dorm, going to lectures and taking notes from people who were out to change the situation of the poor. Not by writing a check or visiting once a year, but actively engaging in the problems of the inner city.

However, it was not an intellectual conference for me, but much more, as God let me to experience the pain and the problems first hand on a trip to the emergency room after a fall on the broken cement. I have written more details, in the newsletter which is on-line, so please take a minute to check it out.

One thing we still need to learn is how to work together between groups of churches, and to walk in love together tackling big problems with little actions. If we are one body in the city and see ourselves as part of the whole body of Christ, we can make big advances. There is much interference to say Christians from various churches can't work together. I know from experience that we can.

At Moody, it was as if many parts of the body came together from all over the world, and one of the most moving times was when I was able to take communion together.

We are called to be salt and light. Together even Chicago can be changed!

I was reminded this morning, God hears and keeps all of the prayers. He has them all before him in heaven. Not one is lost.

We may not see answers for years but do not give up on your prayers for larger issues. Go on an adventure for God. Pray for your city. Dare to find friends from other churches and release prayers together for the wounds of the city.

God allowed me to feel the pain for Chicago. This is the start of the work ahead and I trust the findings of these people who welcome hope and allow us to give the vision. Like bridges over the rivers, impossible things are enabled because our God is limitless and we need to love each other to know the adventure God has for each of us.