Sunday, June 1, 2014

Being Angry

It happens.
We are not perfect even if we have walked with the Lord a long time. We are subject to weariness, irritation and sometimes triggers that can set off the flame of anger.

Anger is dangerous to us and others. Anger causes us to separate ourselves from another. Anger is like fire: it can destroy everything. Be careful and be truly sorry when anger starts to rule you.

Anger does not do any good for you or anyone you lash out at. Jesus said; "Do not let the sun go down on your anger and give the devil a foothold."

I like this because it is real. He didn't say we won't get angry. He just said: Get rid of that day's anger on that day. Anger that is held over night does become a place where the devil can work. A foothold is something that will drag you backwards and keep you from going forward. You can't play with fire and not get burned.

A suggested prayer: "I got angry today. I said some words that I shouldn't have said. Lord, I am truly sorry and ask you to forgive me this breach of your Spirit. Calm me and heal me of bad habits of speaking too fast back as emotion, rather than you, rule.

It is a Decision. Make That Decision.
I chose to forgive x for what he or she said that triggered my response. But, it was my response and I own that and ask you to forgive and release me. I don't want the devil to drag me back or have any foothold in my life. Thank you, Lord, that you forgive me my sins. You are my living Lord and I want to walk in your light."