Saturday, January 18, 2014

After Christmas Blues

After Christmas can be a time of low spirits for many. The lights are put away. The parties are over. Normal life begins again. And yet, and yet, God still gives us a bright spots to feel and see.

Today, in northern California, it a remarkably spring like day. The sun shines. We need rain badly but still it is a day to enjoy and be outside. I had lunch outside by a pool. This is not normal in January.

It is a bright spot: a gift to enjoy. I can rejoice in it and enjoy it or not as I choose but God really likes to see us enjoy the bright spots, the peaceful moments. It is hard not to love a day like this. This bright spot is given to us to enjoy "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

There are bright spots all around us in winter. I have discovered music on I pad and enjoy my own play list. We can rejoice and listen in winter and have the time to hear the notes of accomplished musicians.

I always am amazed at the thought of how many hours went into the practice that is presented in the finished album. With amazing sound quality I am present, a little audience of one, to hear masterful performances.

God has given us all things to enjoy.

The laugh of a child. A kind word from a friend. A show about birds: the life of birds on Netflix. look for the color under the water! See the diversity of God. The Lord knows that we need these bright spots to lift up our spirits.

Look for the bright spots in your day today.