Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Join Amazon Smiles Program to Give Back

The phrase giving back is frequently mentioned. People say they want to Give Back. Sometimes this is for a school that helped them: sometime it is for a city.

In Menlo Park. CA. A local developer gave back a huge new gymnasium and more so the residents could enjoy.

Companies also have giving back plans. I am all for this! Some VC urge their partners to give to the non profit of their choice.

It is because of generous giving from several besides a thousand small gifts that SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK has helped so many including the children at camp and now food for the poor every week at Verbo Church...just to mention a few things they do.

We all know about Amazon. There is a company that has grown like crazy and they also have a give back plan that can involve you if you shop on Amazon. You simply go through the Amazon Smiles program and select the charity of your choice. 5 percent of your purchase price will go to that charity.

I am happy to let you know that you can shop and help the children we serve simply by selecting Project Lost Sheep when you shop via Amazon Smiles

What a neat way to think of others while you are shopping on line. Feel free to tell everyone about this. As some companies get so much bigger, I believe Giving Back will become the norm.

This is bedrock to America.

Let us get in the habit of sharing with others. We will soon have smiles on our faces because we are doing something that makes a difference.

Thanks for GIVING BACK!