Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Camp Help Kids Grow

Last week I got a phone call from a teenager I didn't know who wanted to volunteer at our upcoming Touchdown Camp the week of August 7.

"Camp helped me when I was a kid and my brother as well, camp strengthened my faith. I want to volunteer all week at camp and my brother, too." 

Now this was music to my ears!

Patty Cardova, President of Project Lost Sheep and Pastor's wife of Verbo Church
with 2 boys at camp

Seeds planted long ago in these boys became a heart to give back into camp.

When I think of the hundreds and hundreds of teenagers and young adults who have touchdown potential to give back, I am in a state of awe at what God is doing.

Changed lives of children become teenagers who want to give back become young adults with dreams of careers. Their families will be different because of what was given when they were children.

Strong plants are resistant to disease.

Strong young adults have inner strength to give because they have received love at the base and have a firm foundation in truth. Rejoicing that this is just the start of what God wants to happen in cities across America.