Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party

On a warm spring afternoon in Atherton, we gathered together to get a preview of the eight Touchdown Camp.

Patty Cardona, president of Project Lost Sheep, brought children who had attended camp last year. Each child reported on a different aspect of camp. One little girl performed a dance.

Darlene Stethem, Bible teacher, gave a preview of the lessons and music for this camp. Dates: July 16-20 at Verbo Church in Redwood City.

Catherine Parlanti, treasurer, asked that we be alert to getting community support from local businesses.

We appreciate your interest and support to make a real difference in the lives of these children. Enjoy a camper who danced for us. Enjoy the picture-movie from the tea party recently held as a benefit for our eight Touchdown Camp coming this summer. (July 16-20)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day

I suppose the most important gift a mother can give her children is not all the things she is busy doing for them but something of herself.

My mother was a teacher and she was serious about her teaching and also about her country. She would write letters to her congressman if she felt something should be changed.

We would hear her typing away on the old manual typewriter back in the bedroom. My mother was a tough woman. She put herself through high school working as a clerk in a law office. She then put herself through college and got her master's degree in education.

This was no small feat and she had a passion for education. She thought anyone could improve and yet she saw the needs of children around her and was concerned for "latch key" kids.

All of these seeds didn't, of course, mature in me until I was much older but I was prepared by my mother for the call to children when it came to me.

Her passion for education affected all of us. We all got college educations and teaching credentials although not all of us three sisters worked as teachers.

I don't know how she did all that she did. She did not cut corners. She taught, she shopped, she cooked, she cleaned and she and my Dad worked hard to be good parents and then grandparents.

She didn't have a lot but she had plenty inside. She had faith and she took us to church every Sunday and yes she taught Sunday school. Teaching and education were bedrock to her as were her faith. She gave much to her children, her students, and her community

In memory of my mother: Myrtle Sutherlin

Prioritizing Correctly

Lots of people tell me that they would like to volunteer... someday. When they retire or when the children are older or when they have more time.  We all work in a priority universe. What we do with our time tells us our priority. If we spend all our time making money and non of our time on things that we say are important to us then we may be able to fool ourselves but not those around us, nor God who sees it all.

On the other hand, there are people who "go over the top" out of balance on doing good things to the detriment of their families.

Ray Steadman, beloved former pastor and author, of Peninsula Bible Church once related the story of a woman who came to him saying her marriage was "on the rocks". When the pastor inquired what she was doing with her time the woman piously said that she was teaching 10 Bible classes a week: days and nights.

Pastor Ray told her to "quit her Bible studies" and save her marriage. Being available to God does not mean that we are crazy and neglect the people in our own family.

Jesus was available to the crowds and helped many of those in his path but he also had his guys, the disciples. He had the best mother and He never forgot her needs even when He was dying on the cross. He turned her car over to John.

 And from that time Mary was taken
into John's home. }

When we love God we will spend time with Him: we will pray and read the Bible not because we have to but because we want to. We will be available to serve people and help them because we are ready and full.

The Lord has the answers to our craziness. Do we trust Him enough to give him our hearts and our time?

When we are in the center of God's will He give us joy. This joy can never be bought with our own efforts nor money. Joy is a fruit of God's Spirit: Joy is a lasting paycheck!