Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Taste of Pie

If a pie is in the making there usually is a scrap of crust. I don't bake pies but I do make a little treat with the extra. I flatten in out to a good bite sized piece and sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon and then put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

When it comes out, I sip a little coffee and enjoy the reclaimed crust. It never fails to give me a sense of comfort. You ask why? Because when I came home from school as a very hungry preteen my sweet grandmother always had the extra scraps ready to bake for me.

This fresh baked treat was a taste of kindness I still feel today. Grandmother knew how to show me love. Looking back I know she not only baked treats but she prayed for me to follow her in faith.

Eventually I did. Never underestimate what a small kindness plus prayer now may reap later in someone's life. Love is kind. Put that in your life and get into step with the spirit of God!

Bravely into 2015

Walking in snow is quiet. I am bundled up after Christmas. Getting used to the cold takes some time. Snow changes how everything looks. The golf course is now a snow walking field. Golfers are inside perfecting their shots or thinking about it.

The golf course is like a big Christmas present to explore. And am surprised how a blanket of snow changes the scenery.

I come back inside and find a song called SING NOEL by a group called Newsong from their album, Christmas Shoes. It is fresh and beautiful and just what I need to hear today.

We need new songs and we need Christmas Shoes. We need to walk out into this world different because we have had a new touch of Christmas. We need to feel different, walk with a light step and make music in our hearts that is real and fresh.

Like a new born baby, we long for the nurturing moments that a real encounter with the
Christ of Christmas gives.  So take time again to slow down and be amazed at the miracle of God, the wonder of a new song.

Look down at your feet and be ready to step out bravely into 2015!