Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bravely into 2015

Walking in snow is quiet. I am bundled up after Christmas. Getting used to the cold takes some time. Snow changes how everything looks. The golf course is now a snow walking field. Golfers are inside perfecting their shots or thinking about it.

The golf course is like a big Christmas present to explore. And am surprised how a blanket of snow changes the scenery.

I come back inside and find a song called SING NOEL by a group called Newsong from their album, Christmas Shoes. It is fresh and beautiful and just what I need to hear today.

We need new songs and we need Christmas Shoes. We need to walk out into this world different because we have had a new touch of Christmas. We need to feel different, walk with a light step and make music in our hearts that is real and fresh.

Like a new born baby, we long for the nurturing moments that a real encounter with the
Christ of Christmas gives.  So take time again to slow down and be amazed at the miracle of God, the wonder of a new song.

Look down at your feet and be ready to step out bravely into 2015!

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