Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Walk In A Large Park

It is great to get out and really be above the valley and away. Walking 45 minutes up a long trail over looking Silicon Valley all we could see were the hills, very dry hills, trees, other trails, and other hikers.

This was the way it used to be. Someone with forsight here in the valley in the 70's bought up the land that used to be used for mining and set it aside for a park. This foresight is now a blessing to hundreds who enjoy this large 4000 acre natural park.

Leaders need to see ahead and to plan ahead. Those who are looking at where we are now need to think what we would like to see left and there for our children's children. That is foresight.

I am very happy about the trend of the mega rich to give much of that back into the community. There are truly many places where business forsight can make a difference now and even more in the future.

Let us not just look at our little feet on the path going along in life. Let's lift up our eyes to the hills. Let's preserve some of God's beauty we see around us. Let's realize that life isn't a walk in the park but it sure helps our perspective to get out there in the hills and see how very little everything else is down below.

Thank God for people who planned ahead so we can enjoy this today. Get behind something bigger than your agenda and your little life!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

FInding The Right Gift God's Way

The right gift to a person is a real joy.  The present we give can be inspired. It is really fun to know that God can help us in the little things of life like picking out a specific gift for someone. I don't think God wants us to have a grumpy face when we go shop.  "God loves a cheerful giver whose heart is in his giving."

Steps to finding the right present.
Step (1) - easy to forget but important.
I do believe that God can inspire us.  Be specific: Suggested prayer. "Dear God, please help me find just the right present for x"

Step (2)

Step (3)

There will be a AH HA moment when you find the right gift.  The gift will fit the person. The gift will make you smile because you will know it is right before you give it.

Remember, God is the ultimate giver who has given us all things for us to enjoy. Don't you think He would like to be part of the party?

God Works In Mysterious Ways

As you know I have been promoting the giving of cars to Project Lost Sheep via Cars 4 Causes.

I have mentioned this need to people and more importantly have prayed and asked others to pray. God does work in mysterious ways. 

 This week I got a flat tire and took it to my normal station to get it fixed. "Should take about an hour the mechanic said."
"Fine," I said and went off to have a Mexican lunch and do a little window shopping.

When I got back there was my tire on the ground. The tire was covered in white foam.

"Four mechanics have looked at your tire and not been able to find a leek". The mechanic said.

It was recommended that I get a new tire and since this is an honest station that I had work done before on my very old car, I got a ride home and waited.

In my purse I had a flyer about Cars 4 Causes with our non-profit card. When I went back to get my car with new tire I thought. Why not here?

I got out my flyer and gave it to the manager and he smiled. "I get requests to get rid of cars all the time." "Right now I have 3 cars."

I left with a very light heart. God certainly is going to get some cars to us. "By the way what was wrong with my tire," I asked.

A frown crossed his face. "I took your tire apart. It was shredded rubber inside."

I have never in all my years of driving heard of such a thing. Apparently, it was one in a million or was it God? Time will tell.

Sick Little Richie RIch

People who are wealthy can be strong in their affluence or they can be sick.

Sick rich people have the attitude. It's mine: I earned it and will do everything I can to pile up more for my company and self.

The rich in our society can learn to be rich in good deeds. Some venture capitalists here in Silicon Valley have learn the joy of giving back to non-profits and needy.
It is a great feeling.

It is my firm conviction that is good and "more blessed for the rich to give than to receive".

What does rich in good deeds mean? The companies and individuals that "have it all" in California and elsewhere need to form foundations of charitable benefit. They need to make informed choices and they need to encourage an attitude of "giving back" to their top partners and workers.

A company CEO that sees the needs of the community around him or her is a company that is truly connected to the compassion of God.

As a non-profit founder I can say to those who are sick with "too much" sickness. There is a cure: Give lots of it away and put smiles on the faces of the children, the disadvantaged, the elderly. Follow your heart but get out there and look around. There are very hungry people in America. There are plenty of opportunities to get well for you. All you have to do is invest yourself and your company in some good works.


{You will find joy and satisfaction as you see purpose beyond the corporate walls.}


Anticipation is a wonderful thing. We may look forward to a lunch with a friend or a big vacation.
We look forward towards Friday.

Right now those of us are anticipating the largest camp ever in Redwood City with visitors from other cities to see how it is done.

I like that tingly feeling that something good is just around the corner. I can see the children and hear the laughter and smiles once they adjust to camp. They will be happy with the food and well fed. They will learn and be cared for by so many adults and teen helpers.

For those children who have been to camp in the past they will be asking. When is camp?

Children anticipate almost everything. They live in an attitude of expectation. Small things can please them very much. A wiggly caterpillar, a new pet, a set of crayons.

Let's become more like children in anticipating all the good things God has in store for us this summer. What pleases God is when we adults wash off the same old same old attitude.

Come to camp. Renew your anticipation!