Monday, June 29, 2020

Sprinkles of Love

Have you noticed how much children like to chatter? From the time they learn a few words and they use them. It is easy as a parent to tune out on some of this chatter, but in order to teach them to listen, we need to give undivided attention, one at a time if possible.

When our children were young, I would take each one out, for what I called "special time". It was something fun for the child and what he or she was interested in. A favorite place was a large toy store. And after a little shopping, we would go for ice cream and I would listen. Special time says "You are valuable and I like being here with you."

On a daily basis, the time at bedtime for each can be important, especially for younger children. Listening about their day. Hearing their hearts about what was important. We never underestimate the impact of these moments on children as we are telling them: you are valuable and important.

I know parents get tired and this is a trying time with them, when they are with them all the time. But, the ingredients for building some strong relationships for later starts now, plus you can imprint children with solid values as well as learn a little yourself.

Sprinkles of love start with two ingredients: Time and Patience. We give the time and God gives us grace for the rest.