Saturday, June 9, 2012

Giving From The Heart

We know when we have given that right gift to someone because the gift fits the person. But, we receive a gift of feeling good about the time and energy spent on getting the gift, wrapping it and sending it.

It is a sad thing when giving to charity turns into a one time "something you have to do" to reduce taxes. That is not the heart of giving. The heart is giving a heart felt gift. It may be something that helps you as well but that is not the center of the gift.

Recently Project Lost Sheep received a gift in check from a car given to us via Cars for Causes (800-766-2273).

Yes the person who gave the car really wanted to help us. I can only say that that gift will move us along to feed more kids at camp than ever before. The person got a tax deduction from Cars for Causes, also a non-profit.

The purposes of Cars 4 Causes is "a non-profit organization desgined to simplify the process of fundraising for charities and organziations through contributions, and sale of automobiles, boats, trucks, RV's etc." Do you havve a car you are no longer using? Do you have a neighbor that might want to give to help more children get to camp?

The perfect gift may be to be used to encourage someone to action in clearing their property of that vehicle. It is really, "more blesssed to give than to receive."

Let's use what we aren't using to help children get what they need. We are in the blessing business with you.