Saturday, November 26, 2022


She had a smile on her face as she opened the door. She also had splatters of flour on hands and apron.

"Come on in," she said. "I'm baking pies." And there was one on the counter: definitely apple. Small peels everywhere. I didn't know June Ochsner well. She was, like me, a Navy wife.

Both our husbands were out on extended patrols. We were living in Hawaii on Oahu far, far away from family. I was beyond lonely that day and so I had called. As I sat down and watched her roll out the next crust we chatted. Details elude me but I started to feel cared for. I also felt welcomed.

June was not in the slightest bit self conscious about the way her kitchen looked. Nor was I. She had put me at ease in some mysterious way and I found the awful aloneness of that day starting to lift.

The second pie was in and my stomach was rumbling a bit. Now I was not so lonely but more hungry. I had been cooking for just myself which was very boring and now I was sitting in some kind of baking dream. The second pie was out and cooling on the counter. I was now drinking coffee and getting more acquainted with June.

And, of course, when the pie had cooled enough, she sliced me an oversized piece which I gaily consumed.

It was the best piece of birthday pie/cake I ever had!


When I first met Patty Cardona, who is now, president of Project Lost Sheep, she and Pastor Orlando Cardona were starting a church in a small office in the poorest area of Redwood City near an elementary school. How our fledgling non-profit connected with them is another story, but on this day I am remembering how it was then. 

As you entered there was a desk with some papers on it. Inside was the church floor area for this moment with various things bags and boxes. The church was maybe 50 people at most and they met in this space

With children's area in the corner and upstairs was a tiny space. So, Orlando and Patty had arrived in Redwood City, not too long before with a call from God to start a church that would be a healing influence on the City. This was more than 25 years ago.

Patty had vision and her vision was large and owed a great deal to her prayers and family with her Dad. A pastor and church planter and her mother who was always praying. Patty recently told our team that she received the Lord when she was 9 years old, in Sunday school classroom.

The day that I am thinking about was just before Thanksgiving and she had been showing me around and we ended up at the front desk where I sat and listened. I knew that she had been doing some work inside the elementary school and knew the needs of that community. "We are getting ready to feed the entire school Thanksgiving Dinner at the school," she said, I was dumbfounded.

Extreme left: Pastor Orlando Cardona, 3rd from the left: Patty Cardona.

How could this happen? I thought. But, I was also aware that I was in the presence of a woman who had faith. And, what happened was like mountains moving! The people were fed and Verbo Church began to grow faith step by faith step.

This Thanksgiving Verbo Church is in a six thousand foot building. A warehouse that became a church community center. 400 people will sit down to eat together and receive Gods love and hospitality. Those who come from other countries can find a home in America in this place.

Monday, September 19, 2022

RICH STRIKE Won Kentucky Derby

Against all predictions this unknown horse, RICH STRIKE, won the Kentucky Derby recently. I just saw a replay and can say that that horse just went for the gold!

Rich Strike got to run at the last minute because another horse was scratched. The owner, discouraged from the loss by fire of horses in his stable almost gave up the racing business, but he didn't.. And he took a chance by buying this young horse and putting Rich Strike through training and minor races. And then the owner applied for the Kentucky Derby, and the rest is history.

My Dad always rooted for the out of favor long shots in the derby. I watched it with him for years, and he was always consistent in believing some day one of his long shots would win. He got excited over the horses at the end of the race and kept rooting for them.

Do you think that nothing can be done about big problems in America? How many of us would bet some of our time or resources on giving a child a chance?

We may have the deep satisfaction of seeing some winners who make a difference, not just in their lives, but heading to the finish line, having the speed and stamina to win some big races in America: like turning the odds upside down on kids dying from drug overdoses, like protecting innocent children shot to death in the crossfire from gangs in our streets, like being aware of teens under stress..maybe friends of our kids...who could take their own lives by suicide.

The race against all of these things needs to be something a huge number of us do. Thousands of us across America need to volunteer wherever we choose. Businesses need to speed up giving to unknown non-profits working for good for children and teens.

Like Rich Strike, we could all be surprised at how many good changes will come if we will just place our bets out there!

Children are like race horses - they need attention, opportunity, food and care. They need people to watch and cheer them on to their own finish lines.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Easy Money

 Hello Everyone, 

I am trying this new recording type of blog instead of typing words. Please let me know if you like this kind of podcast?

Here is my first podcast on Easy Money.  

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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Finding Joy Again

We all need to look for things that perk us up. It has been a tough few years for most of us. Our inner resources may be a bit like dead batteries. So what we really need is joy charging in whatever form that might take for us.

I have rediscovered the pleasure of baking. It is fun. Right now I am enjoying a mini chocolate chip muffin part of a batch that I froze.

I uncovered some bulbs that were under dead winter debris this morning. They aren't in bloom as it is still winter into spring here. And yet, it gives me a charge of joy to know that all the deadness will be gone and spring green with cheerful colors will again appear.

The winter has been long and as was the year before that. We don't know if we are safe or will be stricken with illness and suffer or even die. But, like my courageous bulbs, we know as those who believe in the Jesus power to change our bodies to be like his we will experience life everlasting with no tears or sorrow and no death!

So, as I find things that give me joy I reflect that the wars and pain and loss here will all be kissed away by everlasting love and hope.