Thursday, March 17, 2022

Finding Joy Again

We all need to look for things that perk us up. It has been a tough few years for most of us. Our inner resources may be a bit like dead batteries. So what we really need is joy charging in whatever form that might take for us.

I have rediscovered the pleasure of baking. It is fun. Right now I am enjoying a mini chocolate chip muffin part of a batch that I froze.

I uncovered some bulbs that were under dead winter debris this morning. They aren't in bloom as it is still winter into spring here. And yet, it gives me a charge of joy to know that all the deadness will be gone and spring green with cheerful colors will again appear.

The winter has been long and as was the year before that. We don't know if we are safe or will be stricken with illness and suffer or even die. But, like my courageous bulbs, we know as those who believe in the Jesus power to change our bodies to be like his we will experience life everlasting with no tears or sorrow and no death!

So, as I find things that give me joy I reflect that the wars and pain and loss here will all be kissed away by everlasting love and hope.