Friday, July 24, 2015

Lessons in Jelly Donuts

It has been years since I have enjoyed a jelly donut. It's not years since I've had any kind of donut. I like the cake donut of the lightly sugared donut. Jelly donuts I treat as a different kind of thing.

I put it on a plate and then cut it in two pieces, The gooey, red filling spreads over part of the plate. I ate the first half and my fingers got all sticky. It was a wonderful sticky that made me feel about 10 again. So, I ate the second half! 

Now a child would never be so cautious as to put the donut on the plate and Cut it in half. A child would just shove as much as possible in her mouth and let the juice drip and ooze out wherever it wished. 

Kids really enjoy food they like and I can tell you watching the kids eat at camp, we see the enjoyment. We don't serve donuts but they get fresh fruit, juice drinks, pizza and grilled chicken. Hungry children don't complain, they eat and when the call comes, for seconds...they leap for joy to get more. Get a little bit more like the child you were and let the jelly filling get you sticky with delight!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Love Takes Initiative

Today, I heard a wonderful, true story from one of our former tutors in Redwood City who moved to Florida. She is a single woman on very limited income who loves children. She found a very poor school in her area and was invited to tutor the students at no pay. Let's call this woman Sue. Sue has a way of listening to children's needs because she loves them. 

A little girl that was working with Sue, told her that she had asked her parents for ballet lessons, and when Sue asked her student what happened, the little girl face got sad. Her parents couldn't afford lessons.

Sue took the initiative because she loved to dance and knew a place that taught kids dance. After she went in person to the leader of the program the girl was admitted to dance classes at no charge. Beyond that Sue found some used dance clothes and dance shoes that fit her little student.

How kind God is. He can look down and reach out a loving hand to help a little girl dance!