Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have loved spring blossoms ever since I grew up in San Jose. Then, the blossoms meant that summer was coming and I would be out of school. I loved school but around March I started looking forward to that routine of classes and pressures to change. Blossoms meant that summer was coming.
There is something about a gorgeous apple blossom tree or a "tulip" magnolia tree that just expands us with their beauty.  I llike really big, old blossoming trees. These have come into bloom year after year and are still putting out those dainty blossoms that sprinkle on you like spring snow.
How fun is spring. And of course, we feel the warm spring on our backs and we think of digging in the ground and just being outside. We lighten up from winter cares. We become a bit whimsical. We watch the clouds and really see the greening grass.

I love to take a walk in the spring. Walking on a warmish spring day does something for my soul. There are times we need to be dormant. But, spring is a time for new things. Are you ready to bloom and blossom? Take a walk. Really look at what is happening in nature. Feel God's love on you and feel His hand on your back and your life. You may do a little hop-scotching or think about it anyway. And suddenly, you are showering out sparks of joy and vitality along with all of God's world.

As my friend, Connie Rhodes said along time ago to me. "Spring is a time for new things." Yes, but we must be ready and be renewed in our hearts to launch into that newness.