Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why Are Kids Being Shot?

We are all too aware of what just happened in Florida and I have been asked for my input. I don't pretend to have answers only observations.

A child without any real home, life or anyone who cares, is much more likely to have so much anger over such a long time that it becomes a volcano of violence as we just saw in Florida.

There are some who may have "normal" childhoods and still can become deranged as we saw in Palo Alto a few years ago with teenagers throwing themselves in front of trains.

We live in a violent fed nation. That is there is a steady diet of violence in movies, tv snows and video games. In fact, these make money but are they really good for youth to watch?

We live in a "what I do is SO IMPORTANT" era. It is the age of selfish self-absorption. A child or children can easily be ignored or told to be quiet. People text each other, eat at separate times, and only dream of a real family time. I do see this as bad and unhealthy for families.

As one businessman observed to me recently: "The kids have no infastructure."
He mentioned that in his state of Kentucky there are lots of teens "On methamphidamenes". We have no less than an American plague from drugs on our hands, without caring and attentive adults in the picture, youth can and do race and beat to their own drums which can lead to tragedy.

A nineteen year old now is in jail for life. His act has killed 17 and stirred up high schoolers across the country to walk out of class and protest, we must act and become helpers to the most act risk younger children NOW!

Without intervention, these lives could be heading into violence acted out in real time a few years from now. The children are crying out for help and attention.

Jesus did not ignore the children. 
"Let the children come unto me," he said.
Why are we forgetting his example?