Monday, February 22, 2021

Unexpected Acts of Kindness

 We certainly know what kindness is when we receive it. Recently, a neighbor, shoveled our snow filled walk. This was done and then ice melt bought and put on the walkway.

I was not able to get out of driveway even to get mail so a neat path led down the driveway to the mailbox which is out on the street.

My door was not knocked on, but I caught a glimpse of the action of snow flying with the shovel and a figure at work.

The first ingredient of kindness is that it thinks of others. Kindness is not selfish. Kindness takes action. Kindness includes others. It may be to pick up groceries for someone while you are going. It might mean sending a card to someone who is sick.

There are countless ways of expressing our concern. The little gesture is as important as a larger one if your heart is in the doing of it. Kindness pours out energy, resources, and even surprises for others that are appropriate to the need.

Kindness is bountiful. It says "I know you didn't ask, but I wanted to do this for you." No words need to be said because the kindness is a message by itself.

Kindness is helpful. It sees a real need and goes into action to meet that need. Kindness sends a big message to the person or family no matter how small you think the kindness given. How much we need a big jolt of kindness all over America and beyond!

Kindness connects us to others. We cannot be kind without having an inner reward in our own character. "Love is kind." We can grow in kindness if we look out beyond our own small life and open our eyes to see the needs of others.