Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God at Work

God accomplishes His Work Through the Holy Spirit which indwells each believer.  Jesus said "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you."

Comfort is one of the signs of the presence of this Holy Spirit. Years ago I was bucked off a horse in the midst of a thunderstorm. I landed on the only bare place on the edge of the path and after almost fainting got back on the horse and made it back to the cabin. My family went to dinner and I was all alone. Very scared because there was a question that my hip might be broken. I was lying in bed when I heard some tinkling bells. I gingerly got up and looked out the window. There were some ponies munching grass. All at once I felt comforted. God sent the ponies. I had a very sore hip for months but somehow the sting had gone out of the incident.

The Holy Spirit works to accomplish and finish the work of the Lord here on the earth. The Holy Spirit inspires certain people to pray using "God given" prayers. The Holy Spirit leads the start of new works that need to happen here on earth.

Last summer a little boy at camp talked to someone about hardship in his family. This Little Man, 9 years old, couldn't do anything about not being registered for an after school program. The Holy Spirit urged the Christian to get some pastors together with Pastor Orlando Cardona, at Verbo in Redwood City. There was prayer for this child and others like him.

I am happy to report that God has moved to provide funds for an after school program. Twenty-four children now have tutoring and help each school day.

Be encouraged. God does things via His Holy Spirit that rarely make the news but these "works" are real and you might even be used to be a part of the wind of the Holy Spirit moving for your city.