Monday, June 7, 2021

Blooming like the Flowers

The poet Keats said 
"a thing of beauty is a joy forever". 
When we see a rose bush in full bloom, there is a lightening of spirit, but that rose did not just bloom in a day. In fact, the rose here pictured is mine, and it was planted 4 years ago. 

Joyce's rose bush planted in her garden.

A big hole was dug and filled with compost and top soil and then the small rose plant was put in with a small part on the top. Frankly, it didn't look impressive, but I had picked a good location where it got lots of sunshine and water. Each year the rose has grown and this year it is a fully mature plant.

It is a joy. I am thinking that our spiritual lives are a bit like that. If we have good soil, if there is watering from the Word, and if there is love from others, we can grow up and bloom. Everyone can see what kind of plant we are and hopefully, we can look up to God who is the creator of all that is truly beautiful.