Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God Is Faithful To His Children

When leaves fall we are aware another season is upon us all. We think of the things we missed but we look forward to the coming holidays.

This year we anticipate serving the children who are in an after school program with a Christmas party and RED BOX gifts. We want to give a family sized box. More on this at our annual meeting in November.

It is in our country a season of much uncertainty.  We can't count on our job, we can't count on much of anything. But, there is one thing we can count on.  GOD IS FAITHFUL TO HIS CHILDREN.

We may have to wait.  We will have to pray. But we have been promised
Fail means to not be there or not do the job that needs to be done. Please note: God may provide for us in many ways..most we could not every imagine in our wildest dreams.  We may have to go out like Abraham, not knowing where we are going but just knowing the direction. One of the reasons we get disappointed is we try to out guess God. We try to figure it all out or plan it all out. Now, we are to plan, but God DIRECTS OUR STEPS.  These, I have found, are rarely in a straight line. His priorities are: putting us where we can be used to introduce a lost soul to the savior. (I would like to think that I think of that first, but usually it is only looking back that I see what was really going on.)

Forsake means to "abandon" or give up on one.  We all fear being left on the side of the road The more we understand the heart of our Good Shepherd, the more we know that it is we that abandon Him..not the other way around. In fact Jesus goes after the wandering sheep and that includes us.  His goal is to restore us and bring us back to the fold where we will be safe.

Why should we be so worried like everyone around us.  In the worst case scenario we have a GREAT BIG GOD with a HUGE ATTACHMENT TO US.