Monday, September 19, 2022

RICH STRIKE Won Kentucky Derby

Against all predictions this unknown horse, RICH STRIKE, won the Kentucky Derby recently. I just saw a replay and can say that that horse just went for the gold!

Rich Strike got to run at the last minute because another horse was scratched. The owner, discouraged from the loss by fire of horses in his stable almost gave up the racing business, but he didn't.. And he took a chance by buying this young horse and putting Rich Strike through training and minor races. And then the owner applied for the Kentucky Derby, and the rest is history.

My Dad always rooted for the out of favor long shots in the derby. I watched it with him for years, and he was always consistent in believing some day one of his long shots would win. He got excited over the horses at the end of the race and kept rooting for them.

Do you think that nothing can be done about big problems in America? How many of us would bet some of our time or resources on giving a child a chance?

We may have the deep satisfaction of seeing some winners who make a difference, not just in their lives, but heading to the finish line, having the speed and stamina to win some big races in America: like turning the odds upside down on kids dying from drug overdoses, like protecting innocent children shot to death in the crossfire from gangs in our streets, like being aware of teens under stress..maybe friends of our kids...who could take their own lives by suicide.

The race against all of these things needs to be something a huge number of us do. Thousands of us across America need to volunteer wherever we choose. Businesses need to speed up giving to unknown non-profits working for good for children and teens.

Like Rich Strike, we could all be surprised at how many good changes will come if we will just place our bets out there!

Children are like race horses - they need attention, opportunity, food and care. They need people to watch and cheer them on to their own finish lines.