Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Responding From the Heart

Do you ever feel that you are just repeating the same thing over and over again? It may be in your home, business, or church.

Now we all need a certain amount of sameness but when there is "nothing new under the sun'" something is wrong because there is always something new to say, do, and think if we are inspired by God's heart.

Recently our president, Patty Cardona, got inspired to offer a new five week Academic Kids Camp. This started in June and runs into July for five weeks.
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She responded to the requests of parents who knew their children needed tutoring help. And Patty feeling moved in her heart prayed and talked to others and this new thing has happened and is happening as you read this. Children are receiving 16 hours per week of academic help. 

Patty recently received the Inspirational Leader Award from Second Harvest Food in California. Patty has been coming up with inspired ideas for some time like feeding 20 families a week at church and many others. But, an idea is only an idea until there is confirming action and this usually starts with one person who gets others to come alongside and take action. A true leader will be inspired and then be able to inspire others.

Programs should not be cookie cutter because one size does not fit all. From Chicago, I learned the importance of meeting the needs of the community and listening to what those needs are.

How can you break out to new things in your life, business or in church? In all those areas, we need INSPIRATION from a creator God who is infinitely creative. 

From personal experience, I say we do not get inspiration on our own because the world is so noisey and full of input, I believe we do need to unplug. Will the world end if I do not check my messages x numbe of times a day?

How To Unplug
Go for a walk early before work or listen to some calming music. Get alone and stay there for a few hours or days without input from others. Tune into God. Above all, after this, listen to your heart. The path will open for you. There are new things for you!

The really inspired visions and ideas will become in time visible works that bless others.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Summer is Here

Here we have seasons. Spring doesn't just become summer. There are dramatic changes. One day or week, it seems summer is almost arriving and then temperatures drop and we are back in almost winter again and again.

Rather like life, sometimes it seems that things are going along almost without changing but underneath, there are always currents of change. A bit like the current stock market.

So, what is this about? We like that the weather have seasons. There is nothing constant and that is why we need an anchor, a rock, beyond what we can see to keep us in peace whatever the season is. And the only constant is that if we have found the Rock of Our Salvation, we know who is in charge no matter what changes hit.
God is our hiding place. He is the rock and our refuge in a dry and weary place. Lately, I have been spending more time resting inside my rock and less time trying to figure it all out.

Just yesterday, suddenly, summer came. It was only a trip to the post office but people were enjoying the sun and wearing not only lighter clothes but more relaxed postures. I knew as sure as anything that summer was upon all of us. No more coats and boots or rain gear!

It is time to rejoice in the new season ahead. Be with family and friends. Enjoy a vacation or make one with a picnic at a park. Listen to more music.

Smile from the inside of your heart.