Sunday, April 30, 2023

Loving Actions

People may hear what we say, but our actions to show our faith hits them with more impact. Words are merely words, but actions speak louder than words.

Actions define who we are and give a message to those around us. If someone is laid up with a bad back, we take food to them, and check in on them. It tells the person that we are "a good Christian". That person who was hurting will remember our kindness and what we did to help them.

The Good Samaritan cared for the beat up man on the side of the road. He took him to a safe place and provided for his needs by paying the inn keeper. He couldn't stay but he left provision while the man healed. He invested in the sick man out of his own pocket.

Actions do speak louder than words. If someone lacks food or clothing and we wish them Godspeed without lending the help, then we are not acting out our faith to care for others.

Each year at camp, all the food needed is provided for very hungry kids. This year, the provision of a day camp with sports, food, mentoring, crafts and Bible instruction will again launch kids into the most memorable week of their summer. The day they will always remember. This is a kindness to a group of 100 or more elementary children, many from other countries. They are usually struggling and lacking, but in this one week, every thing is good.

So, love does move us out of our comfort zone. It can also lift us to see more purpose and connection with others. Love is the highest gift mentioned in the Bible. So may we all walk across our streets in America, to see the real needs, and fight against those who beat up and destroy our children. 

May we remember the poor and afflicted and do our part to move mountains of doubt and despair. We will never be alone when we walk this path.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all are creatures of habit. Let's face it... We like things to run a certain way. We like to have things go in our timing because that makes us feel comfortable. But, being a Christian is not about being comfortable. It is about change and following in Jesus's footsteps. He cared for people. He stopped, and listened to people. He reached out his hand to touch others. 

So, what about us? Do we care enough to see the needs of others outside our social economic level? Why is change so hard? Is it that we don't trust God enough to let him lead us to the people and children who need us most in our city?

Are we afraid to enter the area of the poor and see what their needs are? Will it take too much of our precious time? Will our coworkers or friends think we are weird? Yes, what others think of ourselves, can make us want to just be the same as everyone around us. 

But wait...

Are you really satisfied with how it all is here, now? What about all the kids under twenty, who are ending their lives before they really have a chance? They are like sheep without a shepherd, heading for a cliff only to fall over to certain death.

Will you say NO? And join others to form a human barrier in your city? Will you pray hard for this? Will you risk your comfort and time for yourself and others? Will you take up your cross of denial, and follow the only One who risked His life on the cross, so that we can change and follow Him?