Monday, April 2, 2018


First, a story of a real boy whom we shall call Charlie. Charlie is 8 years old. His family is poor. His Dad walked out recently and Charlie is angry. He lashes out at his mother who has lost her job and is home. He is in trouble at school.

This is not an unusual story. There are so many children lost in bad circumstances and having reactions all over. The situation in elementary schools here and elsewhere seems to get worse year by year.

Without intervention and good adult models, especially men for the boys, children will drift and rebel. They won't do well in school and by teen years they become a prime target for gangs who provide a "caring group" plus money for them. From that point on it is a downward spiral.

Drugs are insidious when used as a way of life. They destroy people and families. This week I chatted with a grandfather. He and his wife are raising the grandchildren because both of their daughters have been involved in drugs and still are. This man said IT'S AN EPIDEMIC!

First, we believe we must address the problem early so we work with elementary children providing free camps and tutoring in the context of a local church and volunteers from the community.

We believe that we are to help the poor. That means the fat churches should look to the poorer ones and help. Rich Christians need to be rich in good deeds. Church doors need to be open to community needs.

A child who feels good at something is less likely to be swept away like scum.
Look at Charlie.
Who will care enough to be a big brother to him?
Who will see past the acting out to the scared kid underneath?
Who will mend a bike or pray for and listen to him?
Who will love him unconditionally?

Yes, this is hard. Yes, this may cost you. But, persevere in helping and caring and you and others will see change, we see this at camp as rebels change into leaders. See previous blogs..

The government can't fix Charlie.
You will.
We will.
We must be involved or we will see more drugs, more shootings in schools and more destroyed lives.

Get off the couch and do something where you are! You won't be doing this alone because God will be with you. Yes, He will. The longest step out is the small step of faith.