Monday, February 3, 2014

People Change People

We are greatly influenced by those around us. If we are at a sports club we may be much more aware of bodies, and ours, in particular. The values that the leaders are holding out is the importance of fitness so we will tend to "measure up" and "work out" harder than if we were somewhere else.

When we are in church or around people of faith we may feel more influenced toward praying or thinking about a supreme being. When we have friends who are people of faith we become attuned to faith waves and our faith can grow as we see how God works in real time and situations.

If we have parents who expect us to do well in school, unless we are rebellious, we will tend to study, do our homework, and aim for a higher education. If on the other hand, our parents do not have these values, we will be influenced to be just like them. Recently, I have been reading how no matter how much money gets pumped into school systems like Chicago and Kansas City, the level of achievement remains very low. Because, it is people that influence people, not the buildings they are educated in.

In mentoring a child, a teacher must be a real model who cares for each child. This is really impossible in over crowded class rooms. There is no time for the one to one.

That is why Project Lost Sheep encourages tutoring programs for elementary students inside churches in poorer areas. The place is safe but the love and care of the people doing the tutoring is even more important.

In San Jose high school students come in for one hour to tutor in math or English, the children who have no one who can help them at home. In the joyful atmosphere of food, games and community that happens in the first hour, the door is opened for the timid child to try hard to do his homework.

People influence people. Never forget that those who carve their initials in your life and stamp you with their attitudes will make a difference in you, and in your children, for good or for evil.

Children are out there who do not have a chance of surviving without intervention. See yourself as a problem solver by becoming involved in influencing a child. You won't be sorry you gave a few hours of your time.