Friday, April 3, 2015

Remember Easter

We can never get away from Christs death by crucifixion. It is central to true Christian belief. That Jesus willingly allowed himself to be put to death on that cruel cross in the most humiliating and horrifying death imaginable. Every breath was agony. His nail pierced hands and feet were incredibly painful. This lungs gasped for air as he fought on the cross, his scor back reacted to the rough wood of the cross. His head throbbed With the crown of thorns. His disciples deserted him. The crowds watching and mocking him.

Two criminals hung beside him. A Roman guard watched the crucifixion. Jesus at anytime could have called out and been rescued, Why didn't he? First, Jesus had prayed in the garden that this cup be taken from him, but there was no answer and the disciples fell asleep while his soul became
filled with sorrow. Jesus wanted and always obeyed.

Second, love nailed him to the cross for the duration because he knew suffering was in scripture for the messiah. As God in the flesh Jesus knew as much as he could but Jesus did not expect the moment of total desertion when he no longer felt Gods presence Jesus cried out MY GOD, MY GOD. WHY HAS THOU FORSAKEN ME?

This was the worst pain of all. In that dark but divine moment before Jesus gave up the ghost, God could not be felt because Jesus who was sinless took on ALL the sins of the world and became the only perfect sacrifice ever made

That's why THE CROSS OF CHRIST must always be lifted up. To some this may sound foolish, but to others it is the door to freedom and Communication with a holy God.