Monday, July 25, 2016

Make Your Prayers Precise

Prayer is serious. We are communicating not with another person but with the God of the universe.

Jesus told a story about a persistent person who needed bread from a neighbour. It was late but the neighbour  continued to pound on the door and finally got what was needed.

Do we try prayer once and give up? Or do we persist? One difficulty in prayer may be that we are vague about a request. The more specific the better. If you need bread, ask for it.

There is w true story of a child of missionary couple. This couple frequently did not have enough money for meat. He wanted a nice big hamburger.

The child prayed. Dear Lord please send us 3 pounds of hamburger meat. Not long after, there a knock on the door and a woman appeared with a grocery bag. You guessed. She told the family she had been led to buy 3 pounds of hamburger meat.

How precise is our prayer on the need we present to God? Are we serious enough to persist in praying through until the answer comes?

If we want to experience God in our nitty gritty lives, we need to get back to real, heartfelt prayer.

Give the Gift of JOY

Anyone who has every been to camp knows two things to be True. You will at some point get dirty, especially over night camping and At the end of the adventure you will be tired and ready to go home.

Touchdown Camp happens in urban environments inside churches and on local playgrounds. The children do get hot and dusty but not to the extent of overnight comps. One thing camps have in common is that everyone gets hungry. We feed not only campers but 50 or more volunteers, most of them teenagers. Some volunteer like a job that week and even the youth are tired, but happy, by the end of camp.

Pizza is one of the camp favorites for lunch and we make sure there is plenty. We also have fresh fruit and healthy snacks throughout the day. Last year a seniors group provided cartons of milk for the children. A men's group helped provide a festive final day of barbecued chicken at the park. Afterwards, the children got to knock down some colorful PiƱatas.

All of these things are important but there is another kind of feeding going on all week that nourishes the soul. The Bible is taught and the children, many for the first time, hear good news of Jesus who loves them. This truth is played out in all the mentoring and care of workers for the least of these.

Joy is one of the things that the children take home. They are excited to bring into their humble apartments all they have experienced at camp. I am happy to report that this touchdown camp is needed in many other cities and will have good results again with community love and support.

We now have camps in Tracy, California and in San Jose, California. I am active in Idaho to get camp started for the children is it time to do something great for the little ones in your area? Do not say you are not able. God is able if you have a willing heart.

Open your eyes to see what Jesus would see if he walked through your town today.