Friday, May 8, 2015

Greatness and Singleness of Mind

Recently, I saw an older movie on the life of JS Bach. Although I have appreciated his music for years and I am writing and listening to him, I had no idea of his very difficult life.

Orphaned young. A rather mean older brother. Various schools. Then marriage, children and the death of his young wife. Music was what he devoted himself to and especially composition. It seems to me that one of the qualities of greatness is a singleness of purpose no matter what the circumstances. 

In picking a second wife, JS was careful to choose one who loved music and also supported him. Being a genius as he is, JS needed the person to believed in, listened to, and encouraged him. Because when he had a life directing purpose, only few people will be able to understand him.

The Lord Jesus, the Christ, had one purpose. That purpose was to please the Father and go do his will. His disciples couldn't understand when that purpose led him to go to the cross. He had to go alone because he knew he had to redeem the lost world back to the Father, and that way, was going to cost him his own life and his blood shed out for many.

What I continue to be amazed by is that part, means that once we accept the cross for ourselves as the way back to God, wonderful things happen to us. We start to belong to this Heavenly Father. We start to hunger to learn more from the Bible and we want to communicate via prayer. So we have new desires. 

I trust that some of you who recently have accepted the Savior's death on the cross may be  experiencing these new holy desires. That is good news for you have something inside you that will change you into the person God intended you to be. God will work with you through the years to discard old purposes that you thought were your life. 

As you let these go and stay close to the Lord he will show you who you are and what He has planned for you to do.