Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snowed In

Winter here in Idaho is quite a different experience from California. We have had the most snow in 30 years and our first experience of being shut inside for days.

Then, a neighbor came and put together an ad hoc collection so a friend of his could come and plow our street. The snow was so deep that US mail could not deliver and garbage truck got stuck. Yesterday, the street got plowed.

Another neighbor called and offered to bring in groceries but I was over joyed to get out in her jeep which could cut the roads despite ice and snow. I had fun grocery shopping with her in a huge warehouse like store. Then we dropped my important letter in the main post office slot. We saw a mail truck on a tow truck. The Main Street of town was very icy but she expertly got through to make another delivery or food to a stranded friend.

All this to say that real love in action involves connecting with those around you and doing your part. Let's not forget that we are called to love one another and that means getting involved with others. Let's pull together and help each other for a America that shines out under God.