Friday, December 7, 2018

Mary's Journey to Bethlehem

The pregnant woman, Mary, was much alone in those last days, waiting for the baby to be born. And yet she was not totally alone because the Lord was with her.
It had been an uncomfortable journey leaving Nazareth and coming to Bethlehem with Joseph. She was with a child. She felt the child move and it felt amazing. She was favored by the Lord to carry little Jesus.

She couldn't help but think about Elizabeth, her cousin, and wish she could be here with her. They were in a stable with animals where she heard the animals moved and how they smelled. However, in a way, they were a comfort in her situation.

She knew Joseph had watched her carefully, and he had been wonderful to her on the road as they moved with others on a trail. She did not ride on a donkey. They did not own one. She leaned on Joseph and knew he would carry her if necessary. He almost had to do that as they walked into Bethlehem and was looking for a place to sleep. 

At last, they came upon an inn, but there was no room for them except a stable. She heard the animals around her and was getting used to the smell.

She was here in this stable, a waiting place for her pregnancy days. She had an empty manger to use. When it was time, she would wrap the Holy Child in the cloths she had brought and placed him right there in the straw. Mary looked up and saw light.
Luke 2: 4-7