Thursday, November 1, 2018


At a trade show in September, I met a woman who was fostering a Junior High aged girl. As we talked I could sense her deep concern for how her daughter might be influenced by peers. Then she told me her daughter had recently been invited to a Young Life group at school.

I immediately had a flashback to when I went to Young Life in high school and could still picture our leader. Jim Skelton was an influencer for God who worked with hundreds of unchurched children and some who did go. There was live music, snacks and Jim gave a message from the Bible.

"I absolutely endorse your foster daughter going to this group," I said.

INFLUENCERS leave a long shadow. They remain in our hearts. I would like to say that it was at Young Life that I came to Christ. Two of my friends did. I wandered and floundered around for a good 10 years and it was a struggle to find my way. Maybe that is why I have such a heart for Lost Sheeps.

We know that the younger the children hear the message of who Jesus is the better. The light of the gospel has not gone out. The truth of scripture is solid and dependable.

Want to be an influencer? Get on board with children in your local church or connected with nonprofits working to give children hope and a future. Cast a long shadow from your life.