Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Glance Back

14 years ago the first Touchdown Camp was opened in Redwood City, CA. Patty Cardona with the support of Project Lost Sheep opened it it for two weeks. The contents of program I had worked on for months putting all that would appeal to children with no means. Sports, food and more food, crafts, etc.

We had about 40 children and teen helpers. We thought we could have half the camp do sports and the other half do crafts, but the children wanted both so we did a bit of scrambling to get the children what they wanted.

Patty started the drama story that is so popular today. There were props. At one point someone had to catch a falling tree prop. We all worked very long hours and we decided that the next camp would last one week the hard work before camp is again in process.

Patty and team will need to instruct new teen staff as so many have left California. We have learned to prepare the best we can and do all we can to make this week shine for the kids. Pastor Cardona will again be up as he knows the importance of a good model. Each time we who serve receive so much blessing for being there for the kids. We may grow weary but the seeds planted this year for good will be seen in the teenagers in just a few years.

So "do not grow weary in well doing for in due time you will reap."

Come join us in seed planting! August 6-10