Sunday, June 9, 2019

Summer is Here

Here we have seasons. Spring doesn't just become summer. There are dramatic changes. One day or week, it seems summer is almost arriving and then temperatures drop and we are back in almost winter again and again.

Rather like life, sometimes it seems that things are going along almost without changing but underneath, there are always currents of change. A bit like the current stock market.

So, what is this about? We like that the weather have seasons. There is nothing constant and that is why we need an anchor, a rock, beyond what we can see to keep us in peace whatever the season is. And the only constant is that if we have found the Rock of Our Salvation, we know who is in charge no matter what changes hit.
God is our hiding place. He is the rock and our refuge in a dry and weary place. Lately, I have been spending more time resting inside my rock and less time trying to figure it all out.

Just yesterday, suddenly, summer came. It was only a trip to the post office but people were enjoying the sun and wearing not only lighter clothes but more relaxed postures. I knew as sure as anything that summer was upon all of us. No more coats and boots or rain gear!

It is time to rejoice in the new season ahead. Be with family and friends. Enjoy a vacation or make one with a picnic at a park. Listen to more music.

Smile from the inside of your heart.

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