Thursday, October 4, 2012

God Works In Mysterious Ways

As you know I have been promoting the giving of cars to Project Lost Sheep via Cars 4 Causes.

I have mentioned this need to people and more importantly have prayed and asked others to pray. God does work in mysterious ways. 

 This week I got a flat tire and took it to my normal station to get it fixed. "Should take about an hour the mechanic said."
"Fine," I said and went off to have a Mexican lunch and do a little window shopping.

When I got back there was my tire on the ground. The tire was covered in white foam.

"Four mechanics have looked at your tire and not been able to find a leek". The mechanic said.

It was recommended that I get a new tire and since this is an honest station that I had work done before on my very old car, I got a ride home and waited.

In my purse I had a flyer about Cars 4 Causes with our non-profit card. When I went back to get my car with new tire I thought. Why not here?

I got out my flyer and gave it to the manager and he smiled. "I get requests to get rid of cars all the time." "Right now I have 3 cars."

I left with a very light heart. God certainly is going to get some cars to us. "By the way what was wrong with my tire," I asked.

A frown crossed his face. "I took your tire apart. It was shredded rubber inside."

I have never in all my years of driving heard of such a thing. Apparently, it was one in a million or was it God? Time will tell.

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