Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Walk In A Large Park

It is great to get out and really be above the valley and away. Walking 45 minutes up a long trail over looking Silicon Valley all we could see were the hills, very dry hills, trees, other trails, and other hikers.

This was the way it used to be. Someone with forsight here in the valley in the 70's bought up the land that used to be used for mining and set it aside for a park. This foresight is now a blessing to hundreds who enjoy this large 4000 acre natural park.

Leaders need to see ahead and to plan ahead. Those who are looking at where we are now need to think what we would like to see left and there for our children's children. That is foresight.

I am very happy about the trend of the mega rich to give much of that back into the community. There are truly many places where business forsight can make a difference now and even more in the future.

Let us not just look at our little feet on the path going along in life. Let's lift up our eyes to the hills. Let's preserve some of God's beauty we see around us. Let's realize that life isn't a walk in the park but it sure helps our perspective to get out there in the hills and see how very little everything else is down below.

Thank God for people who planned ahead so we can enjoy this today. Get behind something bigger than your agenda and your little life!

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