Sunday, December 14, 2014

Angels Song

This time of year and music go together, we hear Christmas music in stores, in churches and on our gadgets. We may be focused on what we are doing but in the background Christmas is in the air.

This year before I was really in the Christmas Spirit, a friend shared a link with me to the Plantatonix song "MARY DID YOU KNOW" from their album, that's Christmas to me.

I didn't know the group, but listened on my iPad to the Mary song. In about two minutes the Christmas Spirit and message got me. That song was just what I needed and many others as well. I immediately requested the album as a gift.

Have you found your song of Christmas? Music may get you where you would like to be. Music this time of year has a way of reaching our hearts and that is good because we need to have our hearts opened again and our eyes glisten with tears at the unbelievable wonder that the invasion of God is into our mundane, sad world.

That is is why God may send you a song to start speaking to your heart, don't miss it because after the tree is dragged out and the decorations put away, the song will linger in your heart.

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