Sunday, December 14, 2014

My First Experience at Craig's List

I have recently used Craig's List. Always the first time... A few pictures of extra wood was posted to get rid of here in my home town, Idaho. It got 28 hits within two days. They all wanted wood for warmth and to put the wood in a stove or fireplace. It was getting pretty cold here but this response brought that home to me.

Marketing is about filling a need. When the avenue is something as clean as Craig's List, it is a snap. Everyone is going to get cold here. Of less response have been the extra dog run and two old kayaks.

The person you market to, must feel the need. When the need is matched to the product and the price is right, then there is a sale. In the case of firewood...  FREE seemed go be the word that got people motivated. The more we know about the customer's need, the more likely marketing leads to sale. Craig's List makes it possible for things to happen fast.

I took a picture of what I was selling, wrote a brief notice, pushed the publish button and waited for the results. I am told that Craig's List has under 30 employees and I wondered how they made their money. Some of you may know.

Trying something new. It may be challenging but worth it.

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