Sunday, December 14, 2014

Being Open and Accepting

One of my friends in San Jose was astonished that we would move out of state away from family and friends. She thought I was very brave. In fact, I wasn't but there had been much prayer over the past few years and this was right for my husband and me.

God has all of the change in mind. It isn't such a bad thing to have to start over and assess everything. We can see what isn't important and what is. My call to reach out to children hadn't changed and in fact I started finding out much about the need here in Idaho and in the schools. I was shocked to see how many needs there were. I reached out and there was some response but it wasn't easy because people didn't know me and I didn't know them.

We can't make a friend in ten seconds no matter what Facebook thinks. ;-) Even as we get to know Christians in a new area, we have to take time. They have to make time. It can be frustrating.

But, waiting is never a waste of time, if we are waiting on God. He knows how he is guiding his sheep. He knows exactly where you are...better than any GPS. You may feel lost or scared but God is there tracking you all the time.

"Fear not," Jesus said. "I am with you.."

The great constant in our lives as Christians is not where we are or who we know it is that the Lord knows us, his sheep, and is moulding and training us for the next step. Be patient and wait.

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