Sunday, December 14, 2014

What is the meaning of Christmas?

There are many good Christmas movies out there old and new. Recently, I watched Scrooge with Bill Murray. It is a crazy blending of Charles Dickens in the modern world.

The story is the same in the cold stinginess of both scrooges. There is a lack of concern for the poor and family right around them. After major wake up calls from a dead partner, a crazy taxi cab angel driver and a manic Christmas angel, the modern Scrooge played by Murray does a dramatic change and becomes human, loving and reconnects with all. Of course there is a Tiny Tim, but you need to watch the movie.

Christmas is about more than parties and good will. Christmas is about divine intervention that brought Emmanuel to us. Of all the most merciful in this world, including the saints, and all the great givers here, there never was nor will be a bigger giver and character changer than Jesus Christ
Of Nazareth.

He was rich, but for our sake became poor. He was sinless but went to the cross for you and for me.
He, alone, changes hearts and makes us become what He designed us go be. Do not, in whatever you are doing this year, and maybe you have had some wake up calls, miss Christmas. 

Get the message? Repent and Be Forever Changed!

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