Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Party-November

This Thanksgiving dinner has been a wonderful turnout and we have been recapping the whole year's event. We have seen what God has done for us. We realized how great it is when we trust God and miracles are performed according to God's will every time. Everyone is so special in every way and gifted. It is our very wish to bring the best versions of each other and ourselves in this life time.

Enjoy the photos and guess who is in it!!
Patty Cardona’s parents enjoy dessert.
President Patty Cardona
Volunteer, Jack Wilson with Chris Dueker
Elaine Biser, guest, and Patty

Alex, from Verbo after school program with Dad.
Terrell Slawson, supporter, with Barb Siegal VP  Project Lost Sheep
Catherine Parlanti, treasurer, with guests: Irma and Sue Stevick.
Doris Bates, camp co-ordinator, and hospitality co-ordinator, sets out desserts.
Joyce Dueker and Jack Wilson clear tables with smiles.
Joyce Dueker with husband, Chris Dueker.
Pastor Orlando Cardona and volunteer from camp.
Alex with Teacher/Guide
Alex with parents.
Alex's cousin
Darlene Stethem, Bible teacher, with guest, Michelle Bedecarre
Alex's cousins
Elaine Biser, Circle of Prayer
Jack..always helping
Pastor Cardona, camp volunteer, and founder, Joyce Dueker

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