Monday, August 29, 2011

Camp Food

Everyone gets hungry at camp. Imagine 160 hungry children...about 30 youth volunteers and 20 or so adults. Our Seventh Touchdown Camp had lots of food and food surprises. The surprises were that some of the new volunteers went out and bought or got donated food for camp. We also got milk from McDonald's and lots of cereal and snacks from Second Harvest, thanks to our president Patty Cardona's efforts and going after these.

We also thank Lou from Gourmet Frank under VP Barbara Siegal who got all we needed for lunches. The men at Verbo stepped up to the plate and barbecued the chicken at the park the last day. Before lunch the children all enjoyed pinatas given also through Verbo. Children had small treasures of candy to take home.

I am smiling because at the brunch we shared the story of the boy who shared his lunch with Jesus (otherwise known as the miracle of feeding the 5,000). Jesus blessed the small lunch and it turned into enough and more than enough.  How do you know if God is in it? There is always overflow. We were able to leave food for the youth camping trip just about to happen.

God promises, even in famine, to keep his loved ones alive. Don't look at your resources. They will never be enough. Look up. There is a very loving God who provides what we need. Our Project Lost Sheep team knows the truth of this. Let's offer our little and see God work!

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