Saturday, September 10, 2011

What We Do

We are asked frequently what we do besides camp. We work year round in various ways. The follow up to the campers is done by Verbo Church. For example, 29 mothers of campers recently went to a women's gathering. These women will be invited back again. 

After camp 50 children got to ride on a float sponsored by the police who are very interested in working with Verbo Church on positive youth activities.  25 children will be selected to be in an after school tutoring program at Verbo Church. They will get free tutoring in math and English, be read stories from the Bible. This is the second year of this program, partially funded by a local church and the rest coming in from Project Lost Sheep support.

Well...keep posted because there are many more things happening too much for this blog.  Let us never give up on caring and giving to people. Those who love like know Got.

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