Monday, October 5, 2015

Sit Down With a Child

Yesterday I heard a report from an elementary school counsellor that there were children who weren't doing their homework because their parents were at work, and besides that, some of them had little education and so couldn't help their own children.

"The hours when kids get into trouble is after school until the parents get home." she said. This is the ideal time for a tutoring team, even two adults to jump start a simple program that can quite literally change the life of a child.

As an educator, I know that without the basics of reading and math in first through fourth grade, a child has little chance of success in school. There is a window of time. One hour of your time if you will give if, can make a huge difference!

Children need to have adult roll models. An adult who sits down with a few others either at your local school, church, or your home sends a message that these children are important and cared for!

I urge men, especially, who may have some flexibility in work days and hours to seriously consider the needs of your community and see what you can do. A first step might be to go talk to a school counselor at your local elementary school.

Look at the situation, analyze the problems there and start the ball rolling to save the children.

For those who do something in response to this call, I would appreciate hearing what God does through you! I believe the entire country in every city needs these efforts and if we all give an hour it will make a difference to us and to all our communities.

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