Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beethoven. Listening to Greatness

Many of us may have learned about the famous Fifth Symphony. I am in the process of listening to Ludwigs complete works via amazon music on my ipad. This may take some time as there are at least 372 works!

I put my head back and listen. This is indeed restful as music bypasses all the chatter that we hear. Instead we hear cadences, cords, and I must say soul. Because when I want an infusion of inspiration I find that listening to greatness helps. It is like seeing the Olympics. People do the most amazing feats in what appears to be effortless grace.

And so it is with great music that is perfected by those who have laboured to get it right. We don't see the hours of putting down the notes with a quill pen, or the years of practice of the performers before the greatness of the music is translated down to us.

WHAT WE HEAR IS EFFORTLESS GREATNESS. I find myself waving a baton in the air. I want to enter into this in some way. So it is with greatness in any area. We recognize it when we see it or hear it. Greatness lifts us. It takes is out of the ordinary to another place where we can sore.

We all have a few moments of inspiration in life when we touch what we are supposed to be or do. Never forget that these are divine moments and take time to reignite what you heard or saw in that place.

 Get still and let inspiration lead you where you must go!

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