Monday, April 10, 2017

Hunger in Redwood City?

Hunger is not a joke. There are plenty of hungry children and families in America. I really had no idea how close the pockets of poverty were until we started camp in Redwood City next to two of then most affluent cities in America.

Most of the children came to touchdown camp with no breakfast. We soon learned that lots of food would be part of camp. Thanks to Second Harvest Food, non profit, we were able to provide more fresh food and partnership with them has continued to be a daily blessing to Verbo Church where camp is held. A big truckload of food comes and the church distributes the food to the poor.

It was shocking to see children at lunch stuff food down their shirts to take home to their families. One family we found out had no food at all in the house at Thanksgiving. Food continues to be our largest cost at camp. It is my firm belief that churches of America need to be proactive in helping food banks in their community as well as homeless shelters.

Back to camp...
A call for seconds at lunch is always received with a rush of kids. In the Lord's Prayer we say "give us this day our daily bread". Maybe to the affluent these are pretty words but they are a call to action. Be thankful if you have food in your home and do what you can go share daily bread with those who do not.

Let a time of fasting be a reminder that you have a stomach that can growl with hunger every few minutes. Hunger is a real menace to concentrating or having energy for life. Look around. See hungry children just a few blocks away.

Until we see with our eyes and feel with our heart, children in America will continue to feel the real pain of hunger. And the Lord will be disappointed in us, his followers.

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