Thursday, March 19, 2020

Taking the Right Attitude

Dear Readers,
I absolutely believe that being still and bring more aware of God right now is important for each of us. (See previous post.)

As that is put into place in your life and even if it is new to you, spending time in quiet and Bible meditation will help you more than you can know.

Also, I want to add some very practical things to help you endure however long this might take.

We need to examine how our own attitude is about our situation. Change is never easy. So many closed doors that used to be open.

Here are some suggestions
Call on the phone and have a leisurely visit with a friend or family member.
Set the time up ahead. Maybe these are people you only send a holiday card to. Now is the time to share and help each other by listening and praying for each other.

If your attitude is all BLACK AND BLUE over what is happening, you need to change your focus.

Do some things you like to do. If you can't exercise in the normal way, you can still walk, or jog outside or just exercise in house. When we were snowed in a few years ago, a neighbor who regularly walked 3 miles a day, changed her program. She walked inside her own house. Of course, she drove her husband a bit crazy.

Rather than think. "I am stuck. Can't fly. Can't etc," start to think about what can I do here in my place. Maybe it isn't creative like writing or art but if that is something you have thought about, maybe this would be a time to explore. Maybe you have wanted to try a new recipe that took hours. Go for it! You have time.

Kids thrive on attention. You can now read more than a bedtime story. Or, if you like music, you can enjoy an opera or symphony or entire album.

I have found music a real help in keeping the mind positive. And remember the old fashioned letter? Why not write a really good one to someone at this time. So get out the old quill pen and ink pot!

You can change your attitude, but you are the only one who can do that. 
Let's help each other by showing our love and concern.

Keep safe and love each other,
Joyce Dueker

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