Tuesday, May 31, 2011

God's Timing

God made time but He exists outside time for He always was and always will be. We live in such a small world compared to God's.

God sees everything whereas we are pretty focused on what is about us or what comes into our world by way of information. A case in point is prayer. Why are some prayers answered very promptly while others takes years to answer? This can cause lots of trouble with new believers who want answers now.

We are operating in an "instant" access and "instant" gratification society. God doesn't play that game. He has a perfect plan and perfect timing for everything in our lives but we will have to learn to wait. Wait is not a popular word. WAIT ON THE LORD. We'd rather be doing something. Because prayer is "slow" we may be tempted to put that on our "later" list. We shouldn't but if we are honest...do we really pray to God about every thing that worries us?

A friend has been praying for years and years for her son to get a kidney transplant. Why so long? These delays are hard for us.

Mary, the mother of our Lord, had to make the journey to Bethlehem when she was in the last stages of pregnancy. She got pregnant when she was a teenager and before she was married. But, she had a cousin, Elizabeth, who had a miraculous baby before her. The miracle was that she was too old. But, God changed the timing for her. God made these two women at the opposite ends of life connect with their pregnancies BECAUSE IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT JOHN THE BAPTIST announce JESUS.

Now Elizabeth and John, her husband had prayed for years for a child and when it was too late (by all normal standards) for this to happen God answered the prayer and Elizabeth had a baby in her old age.

Who could figure out this divine plan. God's timing was perfect. It was just not man's timing. People have to wait for God's answer because HIS TIMING IS RIGHT and a delay to an answer to prayer may mean God is up to something MAGNIFICENT.

Think about it and keep praying.

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