Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunday_Part 1

Sunday afternoon should be a good time. Growing up in San Jose, a long time ago there was hardly anything to do. No major stores were open. After church, which most people attended, it was just a time to kick back, play a game, read a book.

We all know what has happened now. You can barely tell Sunday from any other day. People have "to do" lists and children have activities and the same run around all the time happens. The only way to counter this is to reallize that having a day of rest is really good for us.

Jesus said. "The Sabbath Was Made For Man."

In those days the legalism of the sabbath was taken to extreme degrees. Jesus healed the paralytic and this man got in trouble because he took up his stretcher ON THE SABBATH DAY.

We don't want to be legalistic about rest but we sure do need to rest. Think about it. Stop running around in circles. Stop one day a week. We need to slow down and take time for ourselves and our God.

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