Friday, July 29, 2011

How To Stay Young

You have heard of the expression "young at heart". I think it is in the heart that we either stay young or grow old. A young heart will be teachable. Young children are always learning something new. They know that others have something to teach them.

To master a skill that is practical will keep you fresh. This summer I took two courses in digital photography. Now I can operate the camera and do basic editing plus e mailing. It was fun to be creative and make a collage out of my photos.

Learning somthing new is refreshing. To stay young you need to be able to slow down and focus on something very carefully. Ever seen a child of four look at a bug on the ground. Very intense. That child is watching the bug: nothing else.

Volunteering with children will remind you of how you used to be. Children are so open. Their hearts are on their sleeves.  A few years ago at a TOUCHDOWN CAMP, I had a 10 year old girl come up and give me three real hugs. I was letting groups of children go through the line to pick up food.

When I asked her why the hugs, she said.  "One hug was for breakfast, one for snack and this hug is for lunch."

Children really show you how they feel. I have forgotten much about that camp but I DO KNOW I GOT SOME REAL HUGS. These hugs were from a little girl from a very poor area of San Francisco (Hunter's Point) brought down to camp in Redwood City.

Children show us the way. Let's get younger by welcoming them and helping them. I look forward to volunteering at camp each year because I have a real dose of children and get to help them, but I always come away having received something new. It refreshes me to see them play sports, learn a craft, play games. I love their laughter and smiles.
There is a touch of heaven when we get young enough in our heart to receive.

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